I work on small passenger ships. I have submitted a series about a Kevin I worked with in 2017 but I now work for a different company. Because this is a completely unrelated guy and story, to avoid confusion I will call this guy Jevin.

I was hired and given a flight to meet them at the port they were docked in. It was after 11 pm by the time I got there. I walked down the pier and saw a guy standing next to the gangway.

Me: Hey, how's it going. I'm the new deckhand.

Jevin: Really? I thought we were getting a new Stewardess tomorrow… One second.

He tries to radio the other guy on watch. We shall call him Potato because that's a nickname we actually call him onboard. There is no answer. He radios again. Nothing.

Jevin: Well, one of the radios likes to randomly shut off sometimes. You can go up the gangway, take a right, go down the stairs, inside, and you'll run into the dining room. Potato should be in the galley right now. He can show you where you'll sleep.

He didn't even confirm with anyone, just let me onboard. This is a massive breach of maritime security. No bueno. I wandered in, found Potato where I was told he would be. Potato was expecting me so no clue how Jevin didn't know I was coming. He showed me my bunk and which lockers were open, then politely excused himself because he had some work to finish. Not being ready to sleep, I wandered back out to the gangway to chat with Jevin. He seemed nice enough, though talkative. He also looks like a thumb. He can clearly grow a full beard, but intentionally trims it into a chinstrap but not frequently so there's really obvious stubble that's just short. No clue why he does this because it looks strange. He told me pretty much everything about himself. He bragged about mundane things, like being in backstage crew in high school, and how they let him use power tools. He said that he was the oldest deckhand, then corrected to senior deckhand. He wasn't the oldest in age and also wasn't the most experienced. He was only technically the longest-working person there because another guy had worked there years before, then took some time off before coming back. Jevin had worked there for the past 3 years. I heard the story about how he got fired from a fastfood place because his mom yelled at his manager. That was his first job at 19, and this was his second job making him 22. He doesn't have a drivers license which wouldn't be weird if he lived in a city but he doesn't. He told me not to use the shower on the left in men's crew because he had tried to fix it but couldn't figure it out and it didn't work. I got cold after about half an hour so I went inside. Jevin was certainly weird, but I thought he was harmless.

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At midnight, a bunch of crew returned from the town. I met the 2nd mate, engineer, and the other 2 deckhands. Potato joined us. We got to know each other, they asked about my experience, then the engineer told me "The first rule is never listen to Jevin. The second rule is, seriously, don't."

Me: He told me he was the senior deckhand.

They all laughed. He isn't. That was a self-given title.

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