I'm working on a Naruto-inspired series about ninja and fighting. But I'm having trouble with my power system.

One thing I hate about Naruto and anime in general is the Next Generation trope: the idea that after so many adventures, the hero the audience loves settles down, has kids nobody cares about, and those kids then luck into being way more powerful and awesome than their parents, causing everyone to hate them. So I want my series to have something different.

Right now, my power system is extremely useful, but it has a major flaw: it doesn't like sharing. This means that as powerful as the parents are, the child is praqtically guaranteed to get screwed over in terms of inheriting power. For example, let's say I have a character born with no special inherent abilities. She fights hard, gains a lot of power, and masters all styles and techniques available to her. Under Naruto's system, her son would inherit a metric ton of unearned power and make her look like crap in comparison. Under MY system, her son wouldn't get this. He would likely get something along the lines of an average inclination toward ONE style, with a good chance that this style wouldn't fit him at all.

The ideas behind this are to shotgun the idea that the protagonist is special because they got lucky, to keep the previous generations from becoming irrelevant, and to have the main characters succeed through willpower, determination, and intelligence rather than inherited brute force.

How does this idea stand up to scrutiny?

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