Apologies if this has been asked before, I tried to search for keywords in case the answers have already been posted.

Watching shows with very wealthy families like Downton Abbey and reading books such as War and Peace made think about the distribution of wealth across the world during the Nineteenth century (of course Downton Abbey is later but the question remains). Frequently the main characters have a drawing room they come back to to entertain their guests, etc. which made me wonder how many people lived life’s that had such amenities. Currently, at least in the United States, we comment on the one percenters, was it the same idea then with a very tiny portion living the way we see on tv? How many people had a drawing room? Were the times similar to ours where the average citizen did not have this luxury? What exactly was the average persons life like? What percent could afford to have an area dedicated to entertaining? Sorry if the question is a bit vague but I appreciate any information that links to the normal life of this timeframe.

For reference, sometimes even families in books I’ve read such as the main characters of The Brothers Karamazov who are not necessarily wealthy had homes with enough room to entertain guests, ie: Fyodor’s crazy parties he hosted.

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