I take a lot of inspiration from jojos bizzare adventure, fist of the North Star and the environment of my story is very similar to that of berserk. Basically a lot of manime over the top stuff inspires a lot of my work but a recent chapter although in my eyes it came out sounding really badass I may have gone a bit to far with my Jojo inspiration. For those who know Jojo it’s pretty obvious why.


Irren proceeded to pummel the boiling beast deepening the crater and crushing the smoldering hardened bits of the beast into nothing with an unending ferocity.

“BERO BERO BERO BERO BERO!!!” He cried out as he continued to pummel the beast out of existence, the speed of his onslaught only continuing to rise!

“bærnett dness!!! (Burn away)” irren cried out as he let out one final crush snuffing out the final piece reducing the beast to nothing.


I really wanted a lot of fights to end with Jojo esc beatdowns but not sure if this is on ripoff levels. Granted it’s not like he summons a stand or uses hamon or anything but it might a bit to far in terms of inspiration. Really hope I can keep the scene or at least edit it while still remaining intact if the similarity’s are to Arduous.

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