Not sure if teens could relate to an adult protag (have a novel idea I’m not sure if should be YA or not)?


The protagonist isn't just an adult but a mother and the story kicks off with her searching for her missing daughter and eventually stumbling on some kind of portal-fantasy portal-thingie (like Alice's rabbit hole or the Pevensies' wardrobe) that all signs point to the daughter having gone in. She goes in after her and ends up having her own little magical quest in there as she searches for her daughter and rediscovering her sense of childlike wonder and all that crap and they do end up finding each other and teaming up in the end

Mom thinks teens wouldn't be able to relate to an adult protag who's a mother because most teens haven't had kids but that's not what I'd be intending a hypothetical teen audience to relate to. If the intended readers had read the kind of portal fantasy this is homaging, they're no doubt familiar with protags having to keep their discovery secret from skeptic parents if they make multiple visits and/or worlds having some sort of rule where you "grow up out of them". However, by showing an adult having that sort of adventure in a "childish" world and teaming up with her kid at the end, I'd be showing them they don't have to stop believing and "grow too old for Neverland" or whatever (if I get them while they're starting to "grow up" with this message about the importance of holding onto their innocence, they hopefully won't have to learn to "re-believe in magic" like adults might)

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