I’ve written about 140k of the first book of my trilogy and have covered about 1/3 of the story. I discovery write and skip around to whatever shiny scene is calling to me at the time. For the past year or two my writing has been practically nonexistent as I’ve run out of shiny, fun stuff to write about. All that’s left is the necessary development and plot stuff that I hate writing, most of which I have absolutely no idea how to execute.

I wrote maybe 10k last year and have written maybe a thousand this year as it’s getting increasingly difficult for me to find things I enjoy writing in order to fill the gaps. Today was the first time I wrote something in a couple weeks. I wrote about two notebook pages (idk wordcount) for an important scene, but it was like pulling teeth to just get that much done—and I haven’t even gotten to the important part yet. I know it’s good that I got two more pages down, but even doing that little was more effort than it’s worth and I’m barely marginally closer to having my story done. No plot or character development happened, the main stuff I’m missing to make this a complete narrative, and when I try to coax myself into writing the (plot) stuff I really don’t like writing, I’m not even able to get that far. It feels like there’s nothing left in the story I could enjoy writing, so I’m either left with an incomplete book I’ll never be able to read in full (let alone the entire trilogy) or spend years painstakingly writing stuff I don’t enjoy.

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I wish I could be like King or Sanderson and be able to spend hours writing and creating stories for the fun/love of it, but I’ve long realized that’s not me. Years ago I acknowledged that writing other/different stories wouldn’t work out and this is the only story for me, but I just wish I could have it done so I could relax and read it. Skipping around and writing the shiny scenes are the only way I could’ve gotten these ~140k words, so I don’t regret it, but if I already ate the handful of dessert and all that’s left is the mounds upon mounds of vegetables, I’m not sure if I should just go to bed hungry and call it a loss.

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