I have plot holes. Not the holes you're thinking of. I have issues getting obsessed with my outlines making plotting a bit of a challenge. It's a plot hole– a black hole where ideas for to die, warped to bits of sentences and lots of tears. I normally avoid plotting. At the same time, if I have a pre-existing story in my head (I want to do this!), I don't know of any other way to keep track or make order of what I want without plotting.


You have an idea for a fantasy. Guy gets swole and beats the shit out of a dragon and rescue a girl. In between, you have a training scene, the wizard appearing and murdering some poor bandit. Great. Now make a plot. Yes… No, this… Add this… No, that doesn't make sense, fix it… Oooh, here's a good context… Yes. No. Gotta write the scenes out now. Where do I start? How do these scenes click with what you got? What about antagonists? Ok great, back to plotting this all out. But what is the damn context of all this now since your plot has changed so much?? Revert to original idea. Nothing fits. New idea. Guy doesn't get swole and beats the dragon with his intelligence…

Got the idea, got a rough progression but no actual plot. Cry. Obsess. Restart. Back to plotting. Yes.. no… This… Add this…

I can pants, but with these scenes and a loose idea of where I'm going, I don't know of any other way but this plotting hell to keep myself on track. My only thought is to use a summary, but I don't know if that's enough. Even I'm not sure if I'm making sense anymore. I need sleep.

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