So, I am really into period pieces on PBS, movies, etc. I have noticed, however, that the occurrence of the rape of women in these films seem to be a major topic in almost every show/movie depicted from Medieval times until about the early 20th century (with the exception of Jane Austin novels made into movies). I know that, sadly, victims rights regarding rape were (and still are in some ways) incredibly archaic. Martial rape, for example, wasn't considered a crime in all 50 states in America until 1993!! I have a hard time believing, though, that even though rape was a crime easily gotten away with, that the majority of men would act as such monsters in real life. I realize that historical records would be difficult to track in this sort of thing, soley based on the number of women who never bothered to report the crime for fear of tarnishing their reputation, not being able to find a husband, etc. But have any historians actually researched whether or not the actual occurrence of rape was as prevalent as Hollywood makes it out to be? Or is that something movie writers do to create more drama?

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