so oftentimes when hearing the memes about fanfic and yaoi/yuri smut i need some opinions in the definition of the "how much gay is too gay?"-line. In a fictional world I made religion doesn't exactly have any policies on homo/bisexuality, just didn't give enough of a crap, OR is not big enough for the majority public to care. but from a readers perspective when do things get too heavy? because i once read a joke about mushy gushy straight lovers in public and then the male only equivalent walks up and the first couple says something along the lines of "you don't have to smother us with your homosexuality- WE GET IT"(the joke is how little people should care about your love life unless they're in it or you need a wing-man) and although i agree with the message of it i still wonder if people could see it that way and be turnt off to it or i would like to know how big that group is and if i should even care.

and just in case anyone was curious about the context of the writer: straight male who believes the key to general social equality is to straight up not care about differences.

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