Recently, I've begun to force myself to handwrite portions of my stories with a pen and paper, and even a pencil (gasp!)

It feels like a dam has broken open in my mind. I can't quite explain the sudden surge in productivity over these past few weeks, but there's something quite intimate in holding a physical writing utensil in my hand; the thoughts flowing from my hands to the quick, sharp movements of my hands. The smooth sound of a pen tip gliding over a clean sheet of paper. Without the clatter of the keyboard, my mind is clear and focused. And although I can feel the muscles in my hand and my fingers beginning to cramp and ache the more I write, it's a pleasurable sensation of knowing that work is being done, and that each word is taken into careful consideration. Without the luxury of simply holding down the delete key, I've found that I naturally slow down my process of thinking, and more carefully deliberate my next move. Without the temptation of opening youtube tabs and diving into internet rabbit holes, I've often looked up from my handwriting session, listening to the songs of birds, the whistle of wind (I live in an apartment), and the hum of silence. Then, a new thought enters my mind, and I get back into the flow.

Now, don't get me wrong. I wouldn't trade my keyboard for all the pencils in the world. But stepping back to such a simpler craft has made writing a more enjoyable and personal experience.

And in case you were wondering: Yes, I hand-wrote this entire post before I typed it in.

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