Okay, so I'm a teenager who loves writing. I've been planning a future book (and my first) since May this year. I tested the plot by writing a 6,000 words mini story and decided that I'm happy with it, so after Christmas I'm going to begin writing. It only going to be a 'short' story as I'm aiming for 50,000+ words so I don't get too stressed out. I can stay focused and I believe it to be a great stress reliever, so I am excited.

I am female but the story revolves around a fascinating male protagonist. He suffers from some identity issues, as he is adopted into a different culture than his own, but loves his adopted family dearly; especially his older sister. The story starts which him leaving his family (to a different country) to pursue his dream career, then he gets pushed down, sad, happy, makes new friends etc. Basically runs into every single one of life's barriers along the way. As he is finally finding his happiness his sister becomes ill, which throws him off all his plans. He becomes stressed about not being able to be by her side and his job position gets in danger. Yes, this seems like a normal story about family relations, but I have been planning and planning and created some interesting subplots and secrets along the way. Even a follow up to the end of the story, just so the plot I created is in depth for me. There is hints of him possibly being gay, but not open about it. Also the story will touch on issues such as racism and homophobia but with positive outcomes.

My family wants to read the end product. As much I as want them too (I REALLY want them too), they probably haven't heard of such deep topics being discussed by me. They are the most open-minded people, but it feels like I am going to be letting them into my brain. I am very quiet and don't say much so I don't want them to predict I am writing about issues relating to my life but through the protagonist's eyes. If that makes sense (probably doesn't haha). Because I really am not relating myself to him in any way, despite myself having recovering social anxiety (but he is extroverted). I haven't ever suffered from identity issues, racism and I'm straight sooo…

What do you think about the plot? Yes, I haven't revealed much about the story but hopefully it's enough. Also has anyone you know thought you were writing about your own life experiences? Thank you for your time.

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