These are some of the names for my Imperial Dynasty who rule over an empire that's in my book series. The reason why some of them sound so familiar is because the family practices incest, mainly due to the fact that they want to perserve their "divine blood" and not have it tainted by the blood of "lesser" creatures. (Similar to the Pharaohs of Egypt) And the fact they have magical powers that have been slowly dwindling over the millennia. With that, I wanted to show how they their bloodlines were tightly interwined with one another, and I tried to display that by connecting their names to one another.

Family House Ashayrayian (A-shay-ray-in) of the Illaryian (Il-lar-ee-in) Empire is the ruling family of Illaryia (The Eastern Continent). Descendants of Amayian the Magnificent, divine legacies of Illia (The Chief God of Elaria, the ancient civilization that ruled over most of the known world) and Mailas (Ma-las), the god of war and peace of Elaria, House Ashayrayian has ruled the continent of Illaryia for nearly over five thousand years, with three golden ages to their names. Over the passed five centuries, however, much of their power has diminished due to infighting and familial contestment to the Sunburst Throne. The Emperor/Empress had became a practical figurehead by the end of Calaria's (Cal-ar-e-a) Revolt, under the Sunburst Pact, which granted the provincial governors and governesses greats amounts of autonomy from the Sunburst Throne, while the Ashayrayians kept their throne – and their heads.

Influenced by: ASOIAF by Goerge RR Martin, The Abbasid Caliphate, the Umayyad Caliphate, the Mughal Empire, the Roman Empire, and Dragon Age by BioWare.

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Backstory: House Ashayrayian has ruled Illyria from their seat at Eshalan Ira'mala Sulha, or in the trader's tongue, The Palace of Gold Upon the River, or simply referred to in their inhabitants as the Golden Palace, for nearly five-thousand years, but their blood goes back to the great empire of Elaria. Banished, some believed, or self-exposed exiled forced the Ashayrayian family to flee to the furthest parts of the civilized world. Ira'ilasala, as the ancient Elarians referred to it. The Ashayrayians locked themselves up in their little castle, but it was only due to Jamian the Wealthy that drew the Ashayrayians out of hiding and into a wealthy trading house due to their control over the mouth of the Mallas River. The Ashayrayians remained there for three thousand years, watching the west with curious eyes, while scorning the squabbling kings and queens of Ilyria (as they Ashayrayians shorten the word)

It was only when Amayian the Magnficient and his sister wife Empress Ashania the Sweet-Hearted declared war upon the Salvantis Empire that the Ashayrayians soared to the highest and most powerful of noble families. After that, the Ashayrayians remained in power for nearly four thousand years, with emperors and empress ruling over the Land of the Eternal Sun.

Male Names:

Amayian (A-mee-in)

Esmyial (Es-mee-al)

Isarias (Esa-ree-as)

Ikrayiam (Ek-ray-eem)

Jamiyial (Jay-mee-al)

Bedayian (Bae-day-in)

Maniyial (Man-eee-al)

Esmyian (Es-mee-in)

Iarasual (A-ra-su-al)

Abiatem (A-bee-tem)

Ikrayial (Ek-re-al)

Emarias (E-mar-ee-as)

Esmiar (Es-mee-ar)

Imarian (E-mar-e-in)

Ismarian (Es-mar-e-in)

Esmyias (Es-mee-as)

Arriyias (Ar-ree-as)

Asmiarys (As-mar-es)

Ilariays (E-la-ree-a-es)

Isnar (Es-nar)

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Esmarias (Es-mar-ee-as)

Mosiar (Mo-see-ar)

Nasarian (Na-sar-ee-in)

Amahian (A-ma-hin)

Esmarian (Es-mar-e-in)

Asmarian (As-mar-e-in)

Malarias (Ma-lar-ee-as)

Salarian (Sa-lar-e-in)

Amaryias (A-mar–e-as)

Isalian (Es-a-lee-in)

Jamian (Jay-mee-in)

Female Names:

Asafayia (As-a-fa-ya)

Amayia (A-may-a)

Ashyia (A-shay-a)

Nasyria (Na-sa-ra)

Sayria (Say-ra)

Halria (Hel-ra)

Azaryia (A-zar-e-ya)

Salia (Sa-la)

Ilyria (E-li-ra)

Samyria (Sa-may-ra)

Sayia (Say-ya)

Saliasya (Sa-lay-si-a)

Nasyia (Na-say-a)

Ilyriasa (Il-ray-sa)

Ilsania (Il-san-a)

Saliasa (Sal-a-sa)

Halaria (Hal-a-re-a)

Ashania (A-shan-a)

Salaria (Sa-la-ra)

Asalia (As-sa-lay-a)

Salanyia (Sa-len-ya)

I was trying to go for some exotic, soft, melodious names. Some of them I really like – like Salaria and Amayian. Most of them I'm on the fence about. Hope you enjoy them!

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