Ottoman Empire history for upcoming trip to Turkey



My family and I are taking a trip to Turkey later this summer, and in preparation I have been trying to learn more about Turkish/Ottoman history. I'm really interested in history (currently minoring in history), and since Turkey has such a long and rich one, I would love the get the most out of this trip by learning more about the region. I have done a lot of research (both on reddit and other sites) but I've been having a hard time finding good sources, and was hoping people had some suggestions. If it helps, I'm going to Istanbul, Ephesus, and Cappadocia.

While I would love to learn everything about Ottoman history, I'm on a time limit (my trip is in 2 months), so I'm most interested in focusing on things that would be beneficial to know on my trip. I'm thinking I should read/listen to a source that will give me a general survey of Ottoman history. What are the most formidable years that I should focus on (that had the biggest impact on art/culture/etc)?

For books — while I'm open to reading an engaging book, I'm a college student beginning summer break and honestly I'm a bit burnt out from the school year, so I don't want a difficult/strenuous read. I'd really prefer an audiobook, however, if there is a 'classic' must-read history book I would read it. Along those lines, if anyone has a favorite podcast on Turkish/Ottoman history let me know! I've seen many many recommendations for the Ottoman History Podcast, but I want a podcast that is chronological and gives me an overview the entire history.

I would appreciate any direction/advice/insight! Thanks in advance for all replies.

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