Ever since seeing our positive pregnancy test for our donor-conceived child I’ve become hyper-aware of how much lineage plays a role in nearly all forms of entertainment. Everything seems to be about how "you're the offspring of the great yadda yadda" or "your parents were great yadda yaddas, which makes you a great yadda yadda"! However, there are plenty of adopted and donor-conceived children out there and that number is increasing. Such stories are likely to make them feel even more like aliens within their families.

And then there are the writers that don't understand why someone would resort to creating a family such a way, and think infertility is some life mistake that needs to be reconciled. As though the pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, plastics, VOC’s and other endocrine disruptors don’t play a role it. Or eating food as a child made in a cheap flacky Teflon pan. Or having parents who were exposed to cigarettes, lead, and industrial chemicals before conceiving a child. Nope, to some naive writer out there, all things related to infertility can be repaired through behavioral changes. As though we’re not attached to a physical body that decays. They just casually ignore the fact that the infertility rate among both men and women are increasing every year.

Anyway, enough of my rant. I know there is no way of avoiding the emphasis on lineages in media and I think it’s wrong to shield a child from it. However, at the same time — as a non biological parent to be — it would be great to have some more relatable stories to bond over with my future child. I hope some writer out finds some motivation in this post and helps those like us feel more at home on this planet.

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