First off, obligatory I am not suicidal in any way. I’ve had an idea for a short story, the main character a mother is suicidal for awhile as she fights a custody battle. At the end of the battle she doesn’t get the kid or kids and there is some indication the child or children chose that- maybe testimony or otherwise not sure but she decides at this point to end it. I need a method that takes a little bit of time- because at the end the child or children contact her and essentially admit to being bribed and or gaslighted by the father (or maybe another family member I’m not sure) and they want her, however it’s too late. I’m thinking they text her and she can read it but maybe not do much about it. I’ve researched poisons and well mostly I get things asking me to call the hotline. It doesn’t have to be a poison but I’m not positive how else she can be able to read a message or hear one. It can debilitate her but not to the point of not making her be able to understand. I’m thinking she’s put some safety measures to delay her finding which may prohibit her from getting help timely. Also, I write much better first person how weird would that be given the character is dead at the end?

Thanks, I’m getting back into writing after years of only writing for work ( non creative) and while I may not be good I’m enjoying it

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