Im outlining a story that I have been thinking about writing and I already have the important plot points and characters. What I cant come up with is with a character flaw of the protagonist. Shes an about 9 year old girl that sees her mom becoming an alcoholic after her father left and her older sister attempting suicide. Now I already have a story arc for her being the following:

Lie: Mom and Dad will get back together & they have to stay at their mothers because shes her mom (sister asked her if shed want to move out)

Ghost: Father leaving

Need: Realize that family can be abusive, they have to move out

Want: To be happy

Now I need a specific character flaw. I tried to come up with things that make her "need" hard to achieve however I can't come up with anything that would work on such a young child. Can anyone give me some suggestion or direction on how to approach my search for a good character flaw?

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