I am a big fan of the fantasy genre. Lately I have been thinking of writing down my different ideas and doing it orderly as I have also begun playing role-playing games with my friends. For me it is very important with well thought out story arcs and explanations for the state of things within fantasy. I don't mind magic – if there are laws to the force of magic. I don't mind different races (or rather species) – if they fit within the environment. Thus I plan to carefully plan the history, geography and culture of a fantasy world of my own. My wish is that readers of this story can figure out the backstory and what's going on if they read carefully, without giving it away to obviously. This is something that must be balanced. However before I continue I would like some critique to my style of writing (tempo, language, way of narrating) as well as the world you discover as a reader (lore, names, places, backstory etc).

Thank you in advance for taking your time and I hope you enjoy reading this! I just want to add that English is my second language so colloquials might pop-up here or there!

Here is a google link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12S0vAmfrlicj9pTmpok6wHZkN-T3cj1um_EUOHaAkFM/edit?usp=sharing

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