Protocol for Contacting Writer of Articles


For the life of me, I couldn't come up with a more elegant post title.

I've penned a short article that delves into some political analysis using a popular television show as a lens. I'm happy with it, but don't quite know if it's publishable. I did some research and found some articles with a similar subject matter and was wondering if it'd be unheard of to send my article to this particular writer in hopes that they'd offer some feedback/see if it's worthy of publishing on their site/blog.

I've literally never done this before, thought about submitting an article for publication, mostly because I have no idea how to determine an appropriate outlet for the submission. I know that submitting to publications that publish similar topics is a start, but I also hear that pitching to <">(mailto:"" is not the best route. Hence, I thought contacting a writer who covers similar material might be worthwhile.

Does anyone have tips for doing this in an effective manner? Thanks.

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