I'm preparing to publish my first novel soon! I'm extremely excited and know it's a ways off, but I had a question…

My last name is both an unfortunate English word when pronounced correctly and also very difficult to pronounce (5 different vowels– French!).

The novel is fantasy with lots of violence and language but still leaning towards young adult in terms of humor and antics.

I am considering publishing under my first and middle name instead: Gabrielle Bernadette. However, I've been told "Bernadette" connotes romance. Because my novel takes place in the Renaissance, I thought a French name like Gabrielle Bernadette was fitting.

Everyone online knows me as Gabi Bird, but this sounds like a children's picture book author to me. Thoughts?

I could also just go ahead with my real last name (think names like "Raper", etc) and let the grade school children have a go at it. But again, no one ever pronounces it correctly, so it'd be difficult for people to talk about. "Did you read that book by Gabrielle Repair?"

**I don't care how big a flop this book is– I'm not using a masculine name or initials to hide my sex.

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