I had the idea for a story ages ago. Since then began to think about it. As tool to sleep in easier and not mess with disruptive thoughts i pondered about the characters and scenario. This way the world and characters grew wild and constantly change. I desire now to fix them in position instead oif be as nebular as they currently are.

So far i got the main arc of the whole story and main charcter development and a huge bunch of wild setpieces.

My problem is, that i never had to structure a story and was never really able to write it down in normal text. sketches are fine but no real story. I checked out a bunch of help videos and some posts, but they are pretty general and dont really help with this problem.

Don't even know where to start in particular.

Also im not sure if the character can easiely fit in a classic story. The point of view is pretty important and i cant make up my mind about this very essential thing.

Is someone up to talk directly about these points and have a few specific tips?

I may explain the story itself then on request if needed. This post is as vague as the videos I have seen 😀

Source: reddit post

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