I've read in many books about ww1 that after the first 2 failed offensive on the Isonzo River Cadorna dropped his plans to break through Austrian formations and employed the "shoulder tackle strategy" where he would attack over and over, with the hope of generating enough casualties to make the Austrian army crumble, disregarding his own casualties in the process.

This strategy would last untill, of course, the offensive of Caporetto where the situation on the Alpine front would become extremely different.

I have many questions regarding this

First of all i want to know if this strategy was well thought, or just something he planned because he couldn't do anything else.

Also I'd like to know to which extent this strategy was successful, of course the Austrian army was fighting on many different fronts at the same time, this would surely put their life reserve on a timer, i know that roughly a third of all Austro-Hungarian casualties happenned on the Alpine front (without considering the almost 500,000 men captured during the Vittorio Veneto offensive) so i wonder how those number fit in the complessive strategic situation.

Finally I'd like to know if such strategy of attrition could've worked without the intervention of German forces on the Alpine front, i know that in many situation the Austrian forces were approaching their total collapse so i want to know how much of this was due to the italian offensive/battles on the Piave.

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