(Short Question) Were there any famous groups, or classes, of warriors in different cultures throughout history that were composed of only women. Any research done on Google only focuses on famous individual women who participated on the battlefield.

(Longer story) I was playing a mod (Floris) for the game 'Mount and Blade: Warband'. For those who don't know what this game is about (I highly recommend it for gamers), it's a medieval RPG where you build a character, recruit lower ranked troops, fight battles and gain experience for you and your party. Depending on who you recruit, these troops can branch off (In a 'Troop Tree') to become different types of fighters. You can build an army of heavy infantry units, a fast moving cavalry or highly accurate archers depending on how you feel. It's an AWESOME game with cool fighting mechanics and a great story line that you can essentially build yourself. A nod to the historical accuracy of the game is included at the beginning, stressing the fact that if you choose a female character to start, you will have limitations. Anyways, among the recruits you can take into your army are women. These women start out like all other recruits, wearing simple farming clothes and carrying improvised weapons. But as they expand, they join different classes, including 'Women Militia, Amazon, Jungfrau and Truus te Paard'. So after seeing this, I started to wonder… Were there any groups or classes of warriors in any culture, throughout history, that only included women? Like I said before, any search on Google only gets results about individual female warriors that were famous. I get it, in many cultures throughout history in the world, women were not expected or considered to become warriors. But I've still heard of groups like 'Shield Maidens', (Which after researching have discovered that their existence is still debated, because no accurate historical evidence has shown that they were actually a thing) so I was wondering if there were any more examples of this.

Sorry for the long-winded story, it was a really cool topic I wanted to research online, but annoyingly couldn't find much about it.

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