Question about origins of Celt culture.


So I'd like some clarification on Celts. I never thought of the Celts necessarily as a people who migrated to overtake indigenous populations. For example, how the lands of North and South America were populated by the Indians. Then, the whites came, overtook them, and established their nations. But in terms of Celts, I see it more like a culture and language that spread. Similar to computers and microwaves in every household. Meaning as the original Celts multiplied and migrated, their culture/language/tech was adopted by the populations that already existed. Like in a way that everybody of these different societies could all fit under this one category of being Celts.

So in regards to the British Isles, something I've been unclear on is where did the Celt culture originate? Did it start in Iberia, and spread to the British Isles? Or were all these primitive people on the west coast of Europe interacting with each other? Thus, they would altogether developed over the centuries to speak a similar language with similar cultural practices we know as the Celts?


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