This question occurred to me today so I figured I'd throw it at this board and see if anyone can cite an example of a primarily agricultural power defeating a primarily industrial one militarily. The very term "industrial" implies fairly recent history since the industrial revolution period.

Bonus Question – What examples are there of an economically weaker nation defeating an economically stronger one? This can be from any era of history.

To clarify further, I mean defeated in the sense of capitulation and suing for peace, if not surrender. I don't mean "well the Soviets pulled out of Afghanistan" or "the USA pulled out of Vietnam."

The trend certainly seems to be one of the industrial power and/or more economically powerful nation defeating the agricultural and/or economically weaker one.

Exhibit A: The Union (industrial, economically superior) defeating the Confederacy (agricultural, economically weaker).

Exhibit B: Germany at the start of WW2 when they easily invaded all of the more agricultural nations around them such as Poland but were then defeated by much more powerful economies and industrial output (USA and Soviet Russia).

Source: reddit post


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