To some of you this may be a decade old topic that's nothing new, but to me, since I started consuming more media that's more aimed at entertainment rather than information or education, it's something new, and I just cannot pinpoint the origin and motivation behind the writing of such stories.

Lately, I have noticed that a certain plot is reappearing again and again, in movies and in games. It is the plot of "man vs machine" as eg. portrayed in the Terminatorfilms or Matrix trilogy, or in games like Mass Effect and especially Detroit: Become Human. If someone told me that this is something the ancient philosophers from Greek used to write about, I might believe them if I wouldn't know anything beyond what one is being told in school. It seems to be such an important topic to so many people that it just keeps getting regurgitated again and again over time. Especially the games I mentioned have a sort of agenda that tries to convince me that AI could be just as human as us, and that our denial of that is going to be the cause of a major conflict that can only end in total destruction of one of the two parties, or even both.

It's hard for me to pinpoint my question, but let me put it this way: I understand the origins of post-WW2-literature from Germany, I can interpret the (even very abstractly written) literature of that era since I understand the historical context, the problems people dealt with and the impact on the to-be-denazified society that Germany was at the time. But just where does this reoccurring plot have its origins? Back when the terminatorfilms were made, the technology we have nowadays seemed lightyears away, and even today's AI-tech just googles the phrase you said if it doesn't know what to do with it (Siri, Bixby, etc.).

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What do you think is the main motivation this topic seems to be so popular in modern storytelling?

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