Hey friends! So, I'm a big fan of writing poetry (haven't really been able to dive into longer form stories yet, but one day!). When I'm writing I feel great and like it's a sense of therapy I guess. Not only that, but I enjoy the mechanics of writing a solid piece (working with syllables and rhythm and all that jazz). Where the questions about this passion come in for me is when I start thinking about the time I spend writing. I find that I can only sit down to write for about an hour until the creative energies fade and I want to go back to watching a cat video on YouTube or something.

I guess what I'd like to see, is if anyone else is having a similar issue. Also would love to hear from people who are published or striving to be about your process and how long you write. It just feels like if I wanted this to be my "thing" I should spend more time invested instead of playing video games or watching cats..

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