Ready Player One will be a future classic.


A few months ago, in an attack of boredom, I decided to read again Ready Player One.

When I first read it I did not know anything about literature, but I really liked because of all those hardcore references.

By now I cannot say I am an expert in books, but I am certainly more into literature than I was when I first read it, thus when I decided to read it again I started to see its faults (Poor character development, stupid scenarios), but I also saw something in the book that really amazed me and I really want to share it.

Ready Player One has an incredible capacity to connect whit young geek audiences.

This may sound obvious and stupid due the book is mainly a teen book, but that is not where the link between the book and young geek audience is.

When Ernest Clint decided to set his novel in the future he predicted and guessed how future and actual interested-pop culture teens will feel and feel about, well, pop culture.

The characters in the book express themselves about pop culture in a non-familiar way.

When they talk about films, music and videogames from the past they do it like if they were talking about something sacred. (If you have read the book you know what I am talking about)

And thats exactly how, from my point of view, the generation z feels about pop culture and how future generations will feel about pop culture.

We see these things like comics, grunge music, 2000s coming of age films as something alien from us but we feel really connected to them anyway, either because of our dad or an older brother showed it to us or simply because we found it and thought it was cool.

If you have read the book tell me what you think about it and what you think about my statement.

Like I said at the begin of this post I am far from being an expert, I mainly read sci-fi classics, latin american classics such as One Hundred Years Of Solitude or Pedro Paramo and some literary movement like the beat generation.

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