I'm starting a new story and I'm debating changing up the POV.

My last book was 3rd-person limited, though it focused on a few main characters and not just one. I've also written 1st-person.

But I've mostly written in past-tense before, and this time I'm writing 1st Person present-tense.

I've done it once before, in a short story. I felt that it worked because it gave me a way to clearly delineate between describing backstory (which would necessarily be in the past-tense) and the ongoing story.

So I'm trying it again in a novel format, but I find myself slipping back into past-tense every once in a while without intending to. I think it's just more natural to write "I said" instead of "I say" and once you get one word down in the past tense, the next words tend to follow in the same pattern.

So, I'm still early on, it wouldn't be too difficult for me to go back and change everything to past tense, But I kind of feel like writing in present-tense makes the story feel a little more personal? Like, watching it happen in real-time brings it closer to the reader, instead of saying "this all happened to me" and the reader is learning about it later, even if it's still 1st-person.

I'm curious what other people have found regarding POV and past/present-tense choices. Were there any articles by authors or writing instructors that influenced your choice of one over another? Or did you just start writing any not give much thought to the tense?

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