Background of our town: was original a land grant to someone with 250 acres. In the 1830s the man died and the land grant was decided up into lots that they are still like today around mid the 1830s.

The discovery: I do a lot of metal detecting and sometimes ill just stick a metal rod in the ground until i hit something solid, well I did – a brick! and underneath that, another brick, and to the sides – other bricks! These bricks are a special local brick called "savannah greys" made by slaves on a local plantation. and bam, rediscovered an old filled in well, I know its not a privy based on the area it was found, and how deep it is and what its lined with compared to other materials from other privies ive found.

Progress: Im about 7 feet down and still find wooden beams farther down (there are charred saw mill made timbers in it for some reason)

How old i think it is: Being it is lined with these bricks, im concluding its atleast pre-civil war, the finds so far have been from the earliest 1930s, so im guessing thats when the top was officially filled in, deeper i go the older stuff is, im in the 1880s era. The wooden bits im finding sitll having round nail holes in them, however boards deeper down have been having square nail holes.


Source: reddit post

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