So today I passed 40,000 karma (cue the downvotes to downgrade me) and it’s got me thinking about my time and experiences here on Reddit.

This sub is one of my most frequented, and I think a lot of that karma has come from you guys.

But, if I’m honest, this is a really angsty place full of a lot of people with a lot of really strong opinions.

I’m one of them. I troll people, I curse and belittle, I engage in hyperbole and mockery… I get frustrated when people won’t tell me what I want I want to hear.

I get crushed when my post or comment lands with a thud and then gets ignored.

I think that a lot of us are very similar when it comes to this stuff. And when it’s bad, it’s toxic.

But I know there’s a ton of good here too. I mean, of my 40,000 karma, only 1,600 is from posts. I’m a commenter. I try to help where I can. I engage in long exchanges trying to get to the root of things. I believe that I do more for others on here than what I ask of them in return.

Sometimes there’s even validation. I got a random PM from someone several days after I advised them on how to structure their story for maximum impact. They told me that I had really helped unlock it for them, and that they were really happy with how it was coming together now.

That’s awesome. 40k feels like a lot, but a PM like that is just as weighty to me.

We are a very supportive community here. I believe that. We root for each other. We help each other. We show tough love and understanding in equal measure.

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But there is a lot of undue negativity, I think. I see it, and I know I contribute to it sometimes. And I think we all do it for the same reasons.

There have been a lot of meta-posts about this community lately, airing various grievances, complaining…

I just wanted to share something positive, and invite everyone to add a comment about something genuinely positive you’ve experienced here.

Maybe remembering the good will help some of the bad disappear for a bit.

So share a story…

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