Personally Ive alwayd felt if I was going to get published Id want physical copies but theres no way Id be able to manage formatting/printing/distribution/marketing/etc. by myself. I'm nearing the halfway mark in the final book of a trilogy I started 3 or 4 years ago and after I finished the 1st book (2nd book I ever read so had the advantage of learning how to plan a plot better) I tried and tried for about a year of emailing agents but I think I got about 75ish rejections/ignores. Not so much as a read. I suspect part of that may have been my query writing or maybe it was just bad timing or something idk.

But I started struggling to find agents currently accepting queries in my genre that I hadnt recently tried (I keep a list of submissions with names/dates/links) so I decided to just focus on writing the reamining 2 books and then worrying about publishing.

Friends are always telling me to self publish but I strongly feel traditional publishing is for me. Mainly because I started to make a mock cover but couldnt figure out hoe to get it to work with bookbaby. I'm not great on formatting: changing fonts and text size, tweaking headings and body text, adding a table of contents, and adding page numbers are about as advanced as I can get. Oh and making the page size 6"x9" or whatever else you want your novel to be. But when it comes to marigins or getting your coverart formatted to work with BookBaby or CreateSpace, I'm clueless.

I also wouldnt know shit about distribution, legal stuff like rights and copywrights/trademarks, keep track of the financials, and I doubt Id be very good at marketing even though that should be the easier part.

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But a good friend who reads alot is encouraging me to just put up the first novel digitally for real cheap to hopefully get a following and jumpstart my career and then worry about finding an agent. I guess I'd use CreateSpace to do something like that but idk I guess I just don't get how all that works.

If I self publish the 1st novel in a trilogy and it goes well and an agent/publisher approaches me, would they end up taking over and wanting to do a print run too or would I even be able to give them the rights at that point? Seems like it could mess up the consistency of the trilogy if people cant get all 3 in one place. Idk. I probably just overthink shit and am worried about rejection more than anything.

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