Hey folks, first post on this sub, but a really necessary one for me.

I was an university student that graduated and got a master degree, but I have grown frustrated with academia. My only true love ever since I was young was making up stories (as I assume is the case for many here). I enjoyed creating narratives with my toys, to be the dungeon master in RPG tables and I started writing when I was about 17 or so. I decided to give it a shot, professionally, after I finished my masters.

Here is my concern: money and time. I'm 26 years old, to turn 27 in november, and "wanting to be a professional writer" is not a real job. I engaged more seriously in this starting December from last year and I decided to thread the path of seeing what publishers are asking for and writing short stories for that. So far, I have gotten one short story published out of… eight that I finished and many many more that I abandoned.

I don't necessarily need the money right now, but I'm worried I'm in for a pipe dream or that I'm doing this the hard way and there's perhaps a safer way to get income from my writing. It also feels bad at a personal level to tell people you're trying to do something and focused on that, but not actually officially doing it, if you folks know what I mean (and that's my opinion, of course).

Any advice or help would be appreciated. I know I will keep writing and trying for a while, but I don't want to turn 32 and still be trying to make it. Thanks.

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