I was recently looking for Archives related to the Vietnam War, and while it sounds fairly easy at first glance it's rather hard to find the right quality and the right content, it's usually unsorted or mislabeled.

The Greatest example that i show to my friends is this image of a C130 dropping "Agent Orange" which for your information if you didnt know was a transparent liquid and this "shocking photo" used so many times is nothing more than a plane trying to stop a fire, ironic.

So i decided i would head towards two directions: Public Domain and non public photography.

I first ended up on a pick of pics made by the National Archives, it's a small amount but it had what i needed, quality and description.

I kept on Digging and it led me to this Public Domain National Archives gallery again it's not the largest amount of pics but it's clear and detailed, 400 pics, even if most are just from the era and not the vietnam war itself could be interesting later tho.

My journey for Public photos ended on this website that ended up having everything that i needed and that i recommend if you're a "war photo junkie" called Real War Photos the layout of the website makes it really hard to look at photos without having to retry multiple times, but it's content offers way above my expectations anyway.

I tried to look for more personal photos and i found this Blog by Richard B. Mayes who served a combat engineer in Vietnam from March 1967 to February 1968.

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It is honestly a gold mine of personal photos and it is possibly my favorite one so far, exclusive stuff you only see when a member of your family is willing to talk about it, or you just see glimbses of it… i spent countless hours looking at these, thanks Richard for sharing them!

Edit: from his words "I'm posting these photos in hopes that some of the people that I served with might find them the next time they are surfing the net for information about their time in Vietnam. "

All of this to say that If you have any interesting blogs, or website to share about Vietnam War Photography i'll take it and i hope you'll enjoy some of the above as much as i did 😀

Source: reddit post


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