🌈 Hey 🌈 as you can probably see I'm new. Lately I'm having trouble in my life. With that I mean friends, my job, school (kind of) and family. But the thing that just makes everything worse is… maybe you guest it, my JOB. If you don't know it in Switzerland as a teen to freaking get a dipolma (witch is an normal highschool gratuation in the US) you need to do an apprentiship ( school and work at the same time) the good part of this is I GET PAID YEEEYYY 💸💸💸 but… my boss is..not the… best. Boss. Ever. After 2 years of searching for an apprentiship I FINALLY FOUND ONE (btw in an electronics shop). And if you didn't know it an apprentiship is an 2-3 years work and school progress. How I said my boss is not the best and you would see me literally cry every 2 days in that hell. How it all started I will do a seperate "story" in parts because it's a looong ass story. So yeah if you're still here thank you for reading all of this and click that Follow button already 😂

Ig: annoyiing Sc: marika-aaa

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