I've been accepted into what I need not tell you is among the most elite writing programs in the country, perhaps the world. And that prestige is most of what they're selling, albeit at a genuinely terrifying cost. Tuition alone is $35K/year for the 2 year program, and they're offering me $10K/year in grants. That means most likely taking on a considerable debt to attend. I also have to uproot my life and move halfway across the country. (Not that it's much to uproot. I'm currently unemployed.)

It's worth it for me if it helps me work professionally as a writer after graduation. Columbia offers internships at places like The New Yorker and Tin House, as well as mixers with agents and editors and guest lectures from very well known authors and industry folk.

My thinking is that if you come out of a program like that and can't hack it, you're either bad at networking or bad at writing. I happen to be very good at writing and not half bad at networking.

I guess I'm wondering whether anyone here has experience with a similar caliber of MFA and, if so, what it did for you professionally. If you had the chance to do things over, would you or wouldn't you attend the MFA?

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