I've tried to write a novel for almost eleven years now (ever since I was ten). Story ideas have come and gone, genres have been tossed around more than clothes in a dryer, and many promising characters have been lost to time. I first started out trying to write a historical fiction work but that soon gave way to thrillers and drama. I stopped writing once I realized that I would never be able to get past the first few pages (I've never even made it to chapter two!!!) and I didn't log back into Google Docs for several years. Now I'm 20 and in college. My life right now is dull, boring and I feel like I'm trapped in a dark crate waiting for delivery to a new destination and new opportunities (my social life is nonexistent and I just really want to move away from my home state). Therefore, writing is my only escape. About a year ago or so, I started writing a new work, another novel and even created a crime drama series and wrote twenty pages of a script draft. Sadly, I look at my writing and despise it. The way I describe action and scenes, locations, horrific dialogue, slow pace that makes scenes go on forever without break, and almost foreseeable plot. I've had enough of writing nothing, enough going from one genre to another and hoping for better material. I really think that maybe I should just quit and find something else to do. Please help. Thanks.

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