I originally posted this on askdocs, but as they don’t see how important the question is, I’m posting this here hoping I find someone with medical experience who also writes.

I have a character named Taylor Kim. He is a 23 year old Korean male that weighs about 120ish pounds after being the hospital for so long and is about 5’10. He is clinically depressed and takes antidepressants.

Accuracy is really important to me, so having a doctor or nurse reply would help me a LOT.

Backstory: Taylor was in a rather brutal car accident when a drunk driver t-boned his side of the car. He had mild brain hemorrhaging, but they were able to get it under control relatively easily. Also, with how the car folded in, Taylor’s leg was virtually impossible to fix, so they took off his right leg right below the knee. In all of this, he had internal bleeding, had to be put on a ventilator, and ended up in a trauma-induced coma for three months. For most of his time in the hospital, he was on life support until his significant other reluctantly gave them the okay to take him off. They expected him to die, but he somehow kept breathing but was moved to hospice due to a terrible fever and incontinence. They expected him to die, but he slowly began to rouse.

I have a few questions about this: is this generally accurate sounding? If not, is there a way I can make it pretty accurate without getting rid of the three-month-long coma and Taylor losing his leg?

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Also, what would happen after he woke up from his coma since he was in hospice?

Lastly, how long would it take him to get out of the hospital with the injury, rehab, etc??

If you answer, thank you :’)

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