This incident took place years ago while I worked in a call center for a big name wireless phone company who branched into the world of tv and internet. I absolutely hate customer service but it’s all I’m skilled in so the job was an evil necessity. On this particular day, there was a hurricane affecting New Jersey and evacuations were taking place. This older guy calls in and I’m unfortunate enough to get the call routed to me. The conversation (roughly) went like this:

Me: Thank you for calling , my name is u/Punfortunate1, how may I help you?

OG: I need my service on!

Me: Which service are you needing?

OG: My television! It’s the only service I have with you!

Me: was waiting for the system to pull his information and I now have it up I’m sorry to hear that your service isn’t working but I’ll be happy to assist you. Can you tell me exactly what you see on the screen?

OG: Nothing!

Me: Ok, can you please tell me what lights are lit up on the front of your receiver?

OG: There are none! I want my tv back on!

Me: I understand sir. Since no lights are on the box, can you please verify that it’s plugged in?

OG: I already know it’s plugged in because I haven’t unplugged it! Just turn it on!

Me: already getting frustrated with this I’m trying to assist you the best I can, sir. (At this point I see his account address is in New Jersey and become suspicious) Can you please go to the main power box and tell me what lights you see?

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OG: There aren’t any lights anywhere! No lights are on because my power is out!

Me: several seconds of silence because I’m trying to process what he just said …there’s no power in your home?

OG: No! The power went out and my tv won’t work!

Me: Sir… electricity is needed for your tv service to work

OG: you’re not helping me! Just send a tech out here now!!

Me: Sir… there’s a hurricane in your area. We cannot send a tech due to safety reasons for one, and we also cannot do anything if the power is out.

OG: You’re lying. All you have to do is flip a switch to turn it back on and you’re not doing it! I want your manager!

Me: Sir, there’s nothing we can do. There is a hurricane which people in your area are being evacuated for and you. Have. No. Power.


Meanwhile, this conversation drags for more than fifteen minutes and our supervisors walk by to tell us to get off of the call because our limit is about 12 minutes. The company only pays for 12 minutes and then it’s on the call centers dime. Aka they don’t care about customer satisfaction, only numbers. My sup has walked by a couple of times and I finally tell them what’s going on after muting my phone. They say to tell the guy a supervisor cannot help and to handle it myself. So I do. I repeatedly tell this guy the same thing until his pea brain explodes and he hangs up the phone. A total Kevin.

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