( Note – How I write is different. I get my thoughts down, I try to edit the big errors paragraph by paragraph and then add in the fancy details after I finish a chapter or two. I only share my rough drafts for a specific reason, you see the messy thoughts and i have more room for constructive criticism… I've written in the past but nothing serious…I think it's time I push for a book. Or a small story. )

The night sky displayed just a sliver of moonlight as if the stars had been plucked from the sky. Hannah stood beside the sidewalk her breathing getting harder. She looks to the trees, dizzy and confused.She looks behind her, the night suddenly colder, nothing. Spinning she looks to the trees, “where is she?” questioning the empty air. Then it happens, her body shakes before she tumbles to the ground. She’s awake again, how many times does this have to fucking happen she thinks. It’s been two years and they’re progressing both in length and intensity. She almost couldn’t wake up this time, what happens next time?

She rolls over and looks at her phone, “Shit. I’m late” it’s 8:30 am, class started at 8:00. She pulls herself out of bed and gets dressed. Jeans and a tee, she doesn’t care what he looks like. With one last look in the mirror she grabs her keys, phone, bag and is out the door. God help me stay awake this time she prays as she drives to school. Another seemingly sleepless night, she can’t afford to fall asleep in class again. Hannah was a normal 17 year old girl, almost anyway. She went to high school, had friends, played sports, even had a boyfriend. Except one major problem, she had a secret no one could ever know about, she can dream about events yet to happen. Or maybe they have happened, she can never figure it out before she wakes up. Last night was the worst, the dream happened again. A young girl trapped in a box, screaming to escape, begging for help. It’s another piece in this puzzle she has to solve. What made it more disturbing was the fact that it was Hannah as a young girl, but she doesn’t remember it ever happening.

She walks into the classroom, “Well, hello Hannah, late again I see.” her English teacher goes on and the decides to continue with class as she sits down. Her boyfriend, Jake, is in this class with her. Sometimes she wonders if he’s the reason she keeps fighting this nightmare day after day, night after night. She looks over and sees his smile, she smiles back and pulls out a notebook, she tries to pay attention but the teachers words run together and end up a tangled mess in her head. She glances at the clock, 10 more minutes she thinks to herself. She draws her dream in her notebook as she usually does. This one was easier, considering the others. The girls piercing blue eyes and thin blonde hair, such tiny hands. The box, it was clear but too strong to break. Hannah couldn’t help, all she felt was the panic rising in her chest. She wonders if they’re all connected or if it’s a mystery she has to unravel for herself. The bell pulls her out of her trance and she closes her notebook, carefully slipping it back into her bag as Jake walks up. He wraps his arms around her, “long night baby girl?” she nods as he kisses her forehead. She looks up at him, those eyes, she wants to tell him why but she can’t until she knows for herself what’s happening.

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She grabs his hand and they walk out of class to their lockers. This is how they met, he was new here and couldn’t find his locker, to his credit they weren’t exactly numbered. She helped him and it ended up being the one right next to hers. She remembered looking at him, his light blue eyes, dark hair a mess from running his hands through it, the small grin on his face from embarrassment and she was done for. She wanted him to be hers but she couldn’t tell him. They walk up to the lockers and she lets go and turns the knob on her lock, 67836 and it snaps open. She feels Jakes hand on her shoulder, “What’s going on Han?” she stops and looks at her feet, “Nothing. I’m just cramming for this test in a week. You know me, I stress about it.” He grins and shakes his head, “How we ended up together I will never know.” they laugh and for a second she forgets her life is more than just study sessions and movies. He kisses her once more as he walks away, “See you in a few babes.” she smiles and nods. The bell rings, one class down, six to go she thinks as the walks down the halls trying to find out how much trouble she would be in for ditching class, bad idea Han she tells herself.

It’s her history class next, what idiot thought it would be a good idea to make history happen at 9am she huffs and sits down pulling out her notebook again. Maybe she can manage to focus in this class, her mind drifts back to the dream last night tossing that last thought out the window. Second bell, she pulls herself back to the moment and watches as the teacher sets up for the coming lesson. Here comes one of her friends, Jamie, she waves and smiles as she sits down. Hannah sighs a breath of relief Thank God I didn’t have to deal with that one. Hannah loves Jamie but lately she’s more drama than Hannah can handle right now. She has her own problems to handle, she doesn’t need help from Jamie. Class starts, WWII again, she puts her head on her desk and hits her forehead off it a few times before sitting back up. Staring at the clock, maybe time can go a little faster this time, not likely though.

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After an hour and what seemed to be a million words later she’s back in the hall. Carefully she slips into the bathroom, splashing water on her face. She reaches for a towel and feels it again. The dizzying feeling in her head, the white spots her eyes from in the air God please, please no but it’s too late. She falls to the floor and is thrown back into the dream. It’s dark again, she screams but can’t hear the words that leave her mouth. With another strong breath she takes off running down the road but forgets what she’s looking for this time. She searches the darkness around her and remembers the girl, where’s the girl? There, sitting under a branch is the young girl again, before she could reach her Hannah pulls out of the dream. Jamie beside her on the floor, “Oh my God Han! Are you okay?” Hannah pushes herself up onto her hands, “I’m fine. Just got a little dizzy.” It looks for a second as if Jamie doesn’t believe it but she does, “For heaven's sake girl, eat breakfast.” Hannah rolls her eyes, “I was late. I managed coffee.” Before Jamie could protest this fact Hannah pulls the door and disappears into the hallway. She’s lost three friends in the last month, she can’t control it anymore, maybe this is her destiny. Maybe she’s bound to end up scared and alone, being thrown into a dream she can’t understand. She begins to wonder, Why can I only move in the dreams with Her?

_______As I said – I add in the fancy words and pretty details at the end.

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