Currently, I am involved in securing the copyright. I am trying to make sure I understand what I can and can’t do.

I have two novels in the series finished, but I’m still upgrading the back half of the second book, while I wait for the right moment and strategy. No one, barring a handful of professional friends have laid eyes on these books, but I have received enough confirmation by now that they are worth reading.

I have a couple of options and would like some advice. Which is the better route?

Option A) I have a website under construction. Readers can become “members” of the site for $1 a month. The first novel is broken into 10 Episodes (30-45 pages each) so I was thinking I may just release those episodes individually over a ten month period, allowing myself to collect some revenue from my writings without a publisher. John Updike and other famous, contemporary writers gained notoriety this way, and that was before the internet era.

Option B) Still complete the website and offer the $1 monthly charge, but release the whole first book at once, without a publisher, hoping that a publisher will pick it up and I may negotiate a great deal for the second book, which is near completion. This option produces the same level of short term reward, but risks “revealing my hand.”

I guess it boils down to this: I’ve decided to go my own way, I’m releasing this content

How should I do it?

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