No idea if this is the right sub to post this; if someone has an idea where it might fit better I would appreciate any leads.

So this is kind of a weird request I guess but I'm really having a hard time finding resources so:

I'm looking for books, reports, articles, sound files, anything of survivors/contemporary witnesses that describe certain noises or sounds that they remember from a their past. Like for example (this is just an example i make it) when a WW2 survivor would describe the certain screeching sound an old steel door would make everytime a soldier would enter the room or something like that. Very specific sounds/noises that were "burned into their memories". When you know they still hear it very clearly in their head but trying to describe it as best as they can. Maybe anyone knows any good resources for interviews or anything like that, because i'm really having trouble finding anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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