I first read King a few years ago and fell in love. I was a pretty hardcore King fan but throughout the years as I have read more and more books of his, I have gotten turned off by him. His female characters tend to be straight out annoying and if not are usually just there to have sex with the main male character. For me I reached my limit with The Gunslinger- it was a book everyone raved about but when I actually started to read it, it seemed like all of the female characters were just there to have sex with Roland and had no kind of personality. I did not finish it so maybe there was a character that came along later in the series that contradicts this, but I see this in a lot of the works that I have read of his. If they do not serve those two purposes (the nagging wife or the sexual fulfillment), then they are the subject of the wrath and brutality of their husband. I was curious to know what others thought of this (whether you agree or disagree)?

+Also i'd just like to add that it's been a while since I've read a King book so the details are kind of rusty in my mind. The last book I tried was The Gunslinger back in March but I could not finish that.

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