This is a rant. You have been warned.

I'm definitely the type to go through my recommendations and download a sample of every book that catches my eye. And I can't even begin to count how many of those books are so, so ridiculously pretentious.

I'm not going to sit through three pages of your MC contemplating their city or how such-and-such is an asshole. My god, just show me! Maybe I'm wrong, but isn't the point of writing a fiction story with super-powered people to show us their life and woes through the medium of creative writing, not "I'm gonna tell my reader what kind of world my characters live in, but I'm gonna be cool and creative and do it through my character having a long-ass train of thought about it and then they never do it again."?

Honestly, I think authors do that just to jerk off to their own world-building abilities. Like, nbd, anyone can do that – what the hell do you think daydreaming is? If you want to be a good writer, just have your characters live and interact in the world and not stand back and go, 'yeah, this world is messed up. Yeah, it's set in steampunk London, ooh, I'm unique and original!"

If it's set in steampunk London, then just show me!! I'm a seasoned reader, I'm gonna get the hint, even if it's just the one line in the first chapter. Hell, even brand new readers aren't dumb.

TL;DR If I have to read another book that includes the ramblings of the city before I know the main character's name or hobbies or motivations or anything about them, or even the freaking plot, I'm gonna lose it.

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