There have been an excess of posts from people who are happy to tell you what not to write: This is too cliche. That's a bad trope. The other thing is is played out.

Here's what you need to understand, if you're at all serious about writing: Most of these people are projecting their inability to write something from start to finish.

They don't want you to write something that they don't like, because they themselves haven't finished that novel. They haven't finished that second draft. And in their minds you don't deserve to outpace them unless you're doing it their way. Because that would be cheating.

Do you want to get something done? I mean, actually get your drafts done, and then revised, reviewed, edited, and published? Ignore those people.

Seriously, your first job is to get what's in your head and heart out onto the screen, or onto the paper. I don't care if you use all ten of the most popular tropes, I don't care if you're pandering to your audience, I don't care if it's unsophisticated and not at all nuanced.

Finish the draft. Finish the revision. Let the beta readers and editors tell you what works and what doesn't. And most importantly, remember: Other writers are NOT your target audience! Fans of your genre are.

I'm about to put out my 6th novel in 2 years. Anyone outside of my fans and beta readers telling me what NOT to write gets a polite form letter thanking them for their feedback. It says: 'Rest assured, your opinion will be given the attention that it deserves.' Then I press 'Delete'.

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