Hey, 'sup fantasy writers?

I'm back, with more waffling about story stuff. Don't worry, it's not about Frost Dragon this time! Na, this time, I remembered an abandoned project called Dusk because someone asked about fantasy sports.

So Dusk is a story about this teenager, Drusilla Tavington, who moves to town, and discovers she's a witch because her new "vampire" boyfriend, Lucius, told her so. Lucius says he used to be a pirate and he moved to town cause of a Rena Tavington who looks a lot like Dru, but Dru, unwilling to be a sequel in someone else's story, both insists she's got nothing to do with Rena and that Lucius is not a vampire. So Lucius decides he can try to be a rockstar or something instead, picks up a guitar and starts learning some tunes while Dru has a bunch of Hogwarts style adventures through the twisty politics of a masquerade lacking town filled with werewolves (some of them try to seduce her), vampires, combat priests (one of whom, Seth, enters a true love triangle, smooching Lucius between crush flirts for Dru), witches, fairies, merfolk, and centaur (and some other stuff but who cares after that), which has her trying not to die since her father's the police commissioner and the town's many, prolific, criminal elements feel she makes a good bargaining chip to make daddy Po Comm fall in political line. A couple hundred pages after the start though, somebody in the midst of kidnapping Dru decides it's better if she just gets hit by a train, parks (and locks) the car on the tracks, which is when Lucius drops in and body-chucks that full steam ahead into the grass. (He then loses vampire control and eats the engineers, the kidnapper, some bystanders, and tries REALLY REALLY hard not to eat her.) The story ends when Dru helps Daddy secure his office as the white muggle knight in shining armor for all the non-criminal elements who can finally come out from hiding behind the myriad crime syndicates.

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Anyway. I dropped the project cause another fanfiction with the serial numbers filed off Made It, in terms of popularity; I felt pretty bad cause that one goes in the opposite direction what with the discount erotica and… general bleh of that whole romance scene. I started Dusk cause mocking a bad book seemed like fun, but when the book gets pre-mocked and that mockery Makes It, for basically the opposite reasons of my mockery…. bleh, y'nno?

I dunno. Youse guys think I filed off the serial numbers sufficiently? Or does this sound like another bland entry in the course of trashy "fantasy" romance novels?

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