Strange warrior battles in History


I came across this today,

The ship first reached Cape Mendocino in today's California, and then continued along the coast to arrive in Acapulco on 25 January 1614 after three months at sea. The Japanese were received with great ceremony, but had to wait in Acapulco until orders were received regarding how to organize the rest of their travels.

Fights erupted between the Japanese and the Spaniards, especially Vizcaíno, apparently due to some disputes on the handling of presents from the Japanese ruler. A contemporary journal, written by the historian Chimalpahin Quauhtlehuanitzin, a noble Aztec born in Amecameca (ancient Chalco province) in 1579, whose formal name was Domingo Francisco de San Anton Muñon, relates Vizcaíno was seriously wounded in the fight:

"Señor Vizcaíno is still coming slowly, coming hurt; the Japanese injured him when they beat and stabbed him in Acapulco, as became known here in Mexico, because of all the things coming along that had been made his responsibility in Japan"<13>

Following these fights, orders were promulgated on 4 and 5 March to bring peace back. The orders explained that:

"The Japanese should not be submitted to attacks in this Land, but they should remit their weapons until their departure, except for Hasekura Tsunenaga and eight of his retinue … The Japanese will be free to go where they want, and should be treated properly. They should not be abused in words or actions. They will be free to sell their goods. These orders have been promulgated to the Spanish, the Indians, the Mulattos, the Mestizos, and the Blacks, and those who don't respect them will be punished".

And this got me thinking, are there any other examples of Samurai or other warriors who ended up in as bizarre situations like this?

I recall reading once (and this article mentions finds of Chinese skeletons occasionally ) anecdotally (99.9% positive it did not happen) of a Han warrior who ended up at the colloseum, so I'm just all around curious if there have been other weird as heck meetings like that above.

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