I have this idea I'm excited about- the general manager of a ski resort kills himself by hanging. The detectives examine the scene noting everything in the room including all of his instruments. When the medical examiner does the autopsy he realizes it wasn't a suicide but rather a staged murder. He also mentions a tattoo on his body that reads "Dreamland Express." A coworker says "like the John Denver song." The detective goes back to the scene and looks over everything again and finds the John Denver album "Dreamland Express." Here's where I'm stalling out… trying to think of a way to connect this back to the killer. One idea I had was maybe the victim was being followed and he wrote a note with date and times when he was being followed by "a black motorcycle" (for example). But it seems like too much coincidence that the detective would pull out the album from its case and that note would fall out haha. Is there a more subtle way to incorporate this into a lead for the detective?

I'm really enjoying the process of reverse engineering the clues and am having way more fun than I expected. However, there are several loose ends I', trying to figure out. I know in some genres things can be big plot points that pop up out of nowhere (my fav example are the bees in The Hunger Games) but in a mystery I think that would leave the reader frustrated, like the author is cheating.

Thanks for any thoughts and have a great weekend!

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