Sub-saharan Africa in/around 966 CE


This is probably going to be a bit of an odd question: I'm looking for information about what life was like in 966 CE in Central Africa, at a specific location (27.25º E longitude, 1.85º N latitude). Just a general feel is enough, but I can't find very much of anything online about it. I'm not even sure what polity or leadership structure was in place there (if any). In particular I'm looking for:

  • State of the art in construction engineering. The pyramids were built thousands of years before this, and fairly large scale construction was possible in Europe. Was it also possible in Africa of the time?
  • Was a written form of language in use?
  • How distant was communication at the time? Was there trade or other contacts with Europe or the Middle East or Asia?
  • What would the average home look like?
  • Were roads in use?
  • How detailed was astronomical knowledge?

Sorry if this comes across as exceptionally naive, I came across a need to know a few details and realized my history of the Earth with the exception of Europe is limited to fairly recent history. Thanks! (also, is this an appropriate subreddit for this? I looked for an askhistory but didn't find one)

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