Random quick post before I get ready for work because my Google fu is failing me this morning:

Is there a sub that is specifically for posting our writing? Like this one but specifically posting our works on the regular? Pretty much all I see here is posts about writing, which is certainly important, but is not what I'm asking for.

The likeliest examples I can come up with that allows stories for certain are genre ones…. but none of my works are r/nosleep material (yet?) and r/fantasy seems to be about discussing fantasy instead of posting fantasy stories.

I mean, obviously I can just post my work directly to my profile with no particular sub attached, I'm just trying to find a sub that exists for that purpose…. and not as a "post under the weekly sticky" but as a regular post within insert-sub-here.

There are plenty of other websites I'm posting my work to, I'm just sort of casually digging around to see what other options are available for some of my shorts and/or excerpts at the moment.

Source: reddit post


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