So the novel I'm working on currently has sort of an apocalypse type event happen about 1/3rd of the way into the story. I have some ideas from time playing games or reading books / watching movies based in this genre, but most of those rely on catastrophic wars or weapons or similar things, that leave most of the infrastructure in place debilitated. In my story, I havent worked out exactly how many, but a large portion of humanity dies out in a short period of a week or two. The more closely connected to technology and cities, the more likely that person was caught in this event. So I've got most my plot mapped out, and am now writing the chapter before this all goes down. I guess my questions stem from societal collapse concerns – how long would power be on if 2/3rds of society stopped showing up to work? How long would running water stay on? Again the systems running these things havent been damaged for the most part, but I assume without human supervision at some point theyd stop functioning. Would my MC be able to get gas from a gas station if it were unpowered? Etc etc. I guess more than answers to specific questions I'm also looking for other works or research that would tackle something similar. If any of this rings a bell, let me know where I can start looking!

I'm still in my first draft, so I'm kind of approaching it with a "I can fix that in post" attitude, but I'd rather avoid a massive logic gap that would invalidate whole parts of my story in the second half of the book.

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